✦ Jaiden ✦


my name is jaiden! i'm a 20 year old german gamer.you can see my pronouns page below if you're interested in being more careful when talking to me.


  • keep the questions on curiouscat appropriate.

  • don't sexualise me or make sexual references about me.

  • don't push me to do something if i clearly don't want to do it.

  • don't ship me w my friends please.

  • don't try actively seek out my irl socials and stalk those pages.

  • keep compliments purely respectful and well-intentioned.

  • don't bother any of my friends about me. they don't need any of that.

Pluto Discord Server

  • Meet some awesome people! :3

  • The "Jade Quotebook", where you may submit the funniest quotes from Jade.

  • The "hall of shame", where people who are down bad for me get named and shamed.

  • definitely used question of the day channel. it's definitely used. definitely.

Acceptable Nicknames

ranked from favourite to least favourite
1. jade
2. zinnia
3. zinny
4. jadezy
5. jadey
6. jad
7. jz
8. jadez