✦ Jaiden ✦


my name is jaiden! i'm a 20 year old woman.if you came to this page disliking me, then don't bother to read anything else and just move on with your day. negativity is pointless.

Hard Boundaries

Violating any would lead to me blocking you.
cw // mentions of sexual violence

  • Don't sexualise me or make sexual references about me. it happens to me a lot and i hate it with a severe passion.

  • don't ship me w my friends please. it's really weird and we are not dating

  • please don't ask invasive questions (i.e. relationship, work, personal life)

  • don't make any jokes about sexual violence or rape around me. those topics make me incredibly uncomfortable and i am not afraid to cut ties over it.

Pluto Discord Server

  • Meet some awesome people who are my greatest friends!

  • The "Jade Quotebook", where you may submit the funniest quotes from me.

  • The "hall of extreme shame", a big attraction, where we make fun of the people who break those hard boundaries below

  • participate in the question of the day!

The Deadly Sins